Books by Greg Ahlgren

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Fort Fisher


Told from the point of view of enlisted combatants on both sides, as well as a local woman who served as the chief Union spy in the area, the story details the four-day battle between the combined forces of the Union Army and Navy against the Confederate Army at Fort Fisher. The fort guarded the Confederacy's last open seaport, Wilmington, N.C. and its fall in January 1865 sealed the Confederacy's fate.

Fort Fisher differs from other Civil War fiction in several regards: 1) It focuses heavily on the Union Navy, an ignored branch of service in Civil War fiction, 2) its main characters are enlisted personnel rather than officers, 3) it includes civilians, and 4) it includes both white and African-American main characters.

Advance Praise: War is typically viewed through a panoramic lens—maps of disputed territories, troop formations pitted against battle lines, the bloody engagements on which history turns. In Fort Fisher: The Battle for the Gibraltar of the South, Ahlgren relives this decisive naval battle of the U.S. Civil War through beleaguered civilians and soldiers on both sides of the conflict, people for whom the danger was daily and personal, their decisions casting shadows long into their future.

In the tradition of Stephen Crane and Gore Vidal, Ahlgren brings the reader in lockstep with the residents and vagrants of Wilmington, NC as the Union Navy chokes the only remaining port left to supply the tattered Confederacy. Everyone knows how this disaster ends. In Fort Fisher, Ahlgren shows us how it might have been lived.

Helen Hanson, Bestselling author of the 3 LIES and the Masters CIA Thriller Series